Cruisers: the Sea Wolves of World of Warships

21.02.14, Kirill Sukhov "Verich", Alpha Tester
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You know, there’s something vivid about the word “Cruiser”. It’s one of those words that conjures up the image of what it means: large and powerful, but unexpectedly agile and speedy for such a large ship. Perhaps you can see why I compared them to wolves. These ships are fairly capable of “solo performance” and acting independently from the rest of the fleet, while also being effective in supporting their fellows in “the pack”. Perhaps it is their versatility that makes it hard for players to clearly grasp how to best play these ships. The role is quite clear for battleships – they are mighty and huge, while destroyers are sneaky and light. How then should we assess cruisers?


Playing as a Medium was not the way…

When I was initially invited to the World of Warships Alpha Test, cruisers were the first ships that I set my eyes on. Back then, I was attracted by the low reloading time and thus the high rate of fire. Nine high-calibre barrels each firing a salvo every 10 seconds – this was surely no place for jokes! Their manoeuvrability was also impressive. Unfortunately my World of Tanks experience was of no use. Fighting with your cruiser the same way you would with medium tanks is a really bad idea. Just imagine that the IS-7 that you’re about to corner fires not one, but six shells at you when you approach it. This is what actually happened to me in those early battles.
My strongest memory of those failures is when I was destroyed by a single (supposedly blind) salvo from a distance of over 30km. Damn, I thought, this really must be a completely useless vessel. However, in the following battle it was me on my cruiser that whirled around an enemy battleship in the immunity zone, peppering it with my salvos and distracting it from my fellow carriers.

So where is the power, folks?

The cruiser’s real power is its versatility. Want to repel enemy aviation? Engage a destroyer? Meet an enemy battleship with an HE salvo? None of these are a problem for a cruiser! High manoeuvrability and acceleration allow these ships to effectively dodge battleship attacks, while striking back at them with HE shells and easily clearing the decks of everything that isn’t welded down properly. Japanese cruisers are also capable of carrying torpedo launchers, making it possible for them to block strategic approaches. In proper hands, cruisers are very powerful tools indeed.


One for all

A cruiser’s survival in 1-on-1 battles largely depends on the overall course of the battle. For example, a direct head-on advance towards a battleship will obviously be suicidal, especially if you’re far away from the rest of your team. Despite a number of decent cannons, that rapid reload time is still not fast enough to beat a battleship one-on-one. On the other hand, engaging an advancing destroyer is likely to be far more successful. The short reloading time allows cruisers to lock precisely on to a target within just a minute or so, ensuring the enemy ship will be met with a sufficient amount of shells.
Packs of cruisers are even more menacing. Their anti-aircraft effectiveness grows immensely in groups, and dense cannon fire can present a threat to any opponent. A single pair of Japanese “Takao” class cruisers can perform intense torpedo attacks just as well as destroyers. In addition, survivability within a group is much higher than when solo.

Now even more cruisers

Cruiser gameplay differs from ship to ship, depending on their construction and nationality. For instance, US ships are quite effective against enemy planes, whereas Japanese vessels possess somewhat weak artillery. However, those torpedo launchers compensate, allowing them to advance for aggressive attacks.


Captain, we have a ship full of noobs!

That versatility needs to be paid for. Essentially this means that you have to spend more time to master a cruiser. You need to spend your spare time tracking recon planes, aiming and shooting at destroyers while simultaneously dodging their return attacks – this is pretty complex activity for a newcomer. You’ll really need to be good at doing several things at once before you get your hands on a cruiser.
Take your time to master it and you’ll gradually become an advanced sailor. While they may be dynamic vessels, cruisers actually demand thoughtful and careful operation. These ships are precise tools to be used, sparingly and with exact timing.

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    • Firstly nice article, I enjoyed reading it.
      Now for reply. I really don’t care if they are OP or UP as long they match historical tech specs, maybe except gun reload :3. For example, IJN Takao class CA had 5 dual batteries with 203mm cannons (after upgrade from previous 200mm), but turret C can’t fire on targets in front of ship. USN Baltimore class CA, which I expect to be on same tier, had 3 triple batteries with same caliber guns (MK 12 8″/55 caliber gun). Mentioned Japanese guns should have, according to spec I found, 1.5km advantage in terms of range (29km vs 27.48km) and advantage in projectiles’ velocity (835m/s vs 760m/s), BUT projectile weight was approx 26kg less than the US counterparts implying they might do less damage.
      Every ship will have certain pros and cons, so it will depend on players what they would prefer. More less damaging projectiles or less projectiles with bigger punch? It is a dilemma in every game as well as in reality. Every tank, ship, space ship or mech is good. Operator just has to learn how to handle it in order to use its’ pros to max while being aware of cons and minimizing their impacts ;)

    • gibt es hier auch eine deutsche beschreibung , das mann mal lesen kann wann mann das spielen kann ???

  1. Oh come on why don’t they just let us play world of warships im so bored!! :(


  3. i cannot wait to get my hands on a cruiser im a big navy fan and a fan of wargaming i have tank on pc and xbox with my Centurion 7/1 in toe on both platforms and my spitfire V on planes on pc i need the set i need tht cruiser hopefully i get my hands on a british 1 might sink myself a bishmark..

    • The only Bishmark was sunk by stupidity was and is the most powerful warship of all time …

  4. Very good information… But i already have my training, by playing Battlestations Pacific… I advise to everyone that is a newbie in naval warfare, to play BP.

  5. Won’t Japanese cruisers be over powered as they have lots of tops and are fast as well as good guns eh takao

  6. Wann wolt ihr das spiel entlich raus bringen es nerft echt ich freue mich ganze zeit auf das spiel und habe schon viel gesehen davon und viel gehört nur es ist leider noch nicht drausen
    bitte macht mal was dagegen

    • Kauf dir eines der Vorbestellerpakete. Damit bekommst du Zugang zur Closed Beta. Hab ich auch so gemacht.

      Buy one of the preorderpackages. Then you get Closed Beta access. I had also do that.

  7. ive played most naval games on my p.c so am looking forwards to this when it comes out on line
    as if it plays like world of tanks its going to be a lot of fun

  8. The Cruises are like mini battleships.But its most important feature for me is to escort aircraft carriers.In my opinion cruises are part of the fleet.It is OP

  9. But please done make on of the classes op :-) ;-)

    When can we acctually play this game ?

  10. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnxx

  11. Keep this good work Kirill Sukhov “Verich” i wish i would have got inviten for alpha to

  12. i’m in CBT and how it looks now it’s gonna take to the end of the year i think…

  13. Battleships are basically heavy tanks, cruisers are mediums, destroyers are TD’s, ACC’s are arty and scout planes are LT’s :P

  14. I have play 2 day CA/CL in game partialy DD ther are fast, agile just 1 salvo to dead. crusers can kill from DD to BB have enough range for and the same or bit weaker gunnery like BB.What to time not in game is the “crue” white own skills. maybe the possibility to repair that give some HP back must not so much like the BB. Or other Accesorys ther can help 1 or 2 “skill” from ship accuracy, less reload…. I can wait. I know its not good speak the team from NF. The WOT skill sistem build on 1 vechil 2-5 memeber. the ship have 50-10000 ppl on board 2-7 officer in keyposition. can make the diferent 1 chest hold place if the ship sunk or not from blocked door. I know its mass game cant take so many differences.

    Thx for your hard work for the game!

  15. someone could help me? down in the game but always writes out a problem with the Server

  16. dans world of warship quand mon futur combat a lieu sur la carte de combat terre de feu il me signal une erreur et me deconnecte du jeu ,je ne epux pas y jouepourquoi ?

  17. Prosím, proč mě nejde hrát bitvu, když to mám nainstalované a všechny aktualizace sou v tom hotové? Prosím pěkně, napište my… Thank You! Váš jirka_winner!

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