Domination mode tweaked!

26.06.15, Development Team
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In the current update we’ve also tweaked the settings for the Domination battle mode. The reason is that during Closed Beta Testing, games played in this mode would have a shorter duration than in other modes. We received complaints that players often did not get a chance to take action in the game due to the short time-span and, as a result, the game-mode put too much emphasis on spotting. The team that had more light and fast ships would have the upper hand.

To better balance the importance of spotting and to bring the overall duration of battles in Domination in line with the other modes we tweaked the settings on almost all maps for patch 0.4.0.


Below you can find the changes we did in comparison with game version 0315.


Map name Number of control zones points / N seconds per control zone) 0.4.0(X points / N seconds per control zone)
Islands 3 3 points each 4 seconds 3 points each 5 seconds
New Dawn 3 3 / 4 3 / 5
Fault line 3 3 / 4 3 / 5
North 4 3 / 4 3 / 6
Hot Spot 5 Zones 5 2 / 4 1 / 3
Hot Spot 3 Zones 3 (not previously available) 2 / 5
Ice Islands 4 3 / 4 2 / 4
Two Brothers 4 (not previously available) 2 / 4

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  1. oigan el juego esta exelente no lo e podido jugar pero va por buen camino ;)

  2. izbacujte instalaciju igrice jako puno smarate samo se ceka jebo vas bog dve godine kenjate za brodove koliko ce te jos steram vam kevi u prkno

  3. can you help me pls?When i try to connect to world of warships there is an error connecting server and access is to the game is denied it drives me nuts.please help?

  4. MM needs to be better balanced for domination mode your team can have a serious disadvantage if your team has 0 DD & enemy has 3 ect ect.

  5. #themightymo XD (btw that is not a link on facebook or twitter or any social media)

  6. holy shit.
    when i start the launcher,i’ll give the loginform cg 10 p(full),
    connecting and playing.
    wtf,fall to 8 p(bad quality of GameScreem) ,
    When i forward with full speed ,i press w to order to 3 quarter speed,then i got a half speed.
    I’m fighting with energy on these fools.

  7. Not sure if this is the best place to comment – however I do see a major problem with DD spotting range,
    Basically a DD can sneak within 2 squares until detected and kill a CV with a single torp salvo. Without even using smoke.

    I seriously believe that this spotting range is very small (considering real life) particularly given the high speed of DDs. So this should be looked at and adjusted accordingly. A DD should not be able to get to torp range within 30 secs of detection….


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